The New Normal

I just wanted a normal day.  Well this isn’t the normal I wanted –  one minute you cry, one minute you know you are going to live, the next minute you get a pain in your hip and you think you have bone cancer, you cough and you think it must be in my lungs, then you get dizzy and think its in the brain, etc etc etc.  IT IS CRAZY!!! I understand it is part of the process.

Then you keep picturing one breast here and one gone and you cry.  Then your sister calls and says boobs are overrated anyway, then you laugh.  Then your niece calls and says when you are ready look at the reconstructed boobs on internet it is absolutely amazing what they do.  Then you have a little hope but you can’t look. Then you think about how you have to get a wig and hats, and you just get too far ahead.   Then you look on internet for hats and you think, well, they are kind of cute.  And darn, I do look good in hats!!  Oh, look, those are really cute.   Then you think what the hell, maybe I should get a red-head wig, and then you laugh.
So I’ve been juicing.  I ask my doctor does this vegetable juicing really work?
And she tells me not only does it help but it has been proven to stop the progression of cancer and stop recurrence.  So that is a huge motivator.  You make the juice and it squirts all over my kitchen cupboards and I laugh.  Then I drink the wonderful nectar, and I cry – HA HA!!   Drinking carrot, broccoli, apple, banana and kelp right now.   So far I’ve done kelp, spinach, broccoli, carrots, apples, lemons, cranberries, celery.  Broccoli, carrots, and beets are supposed to be extra good for breast cancer.
UPDATE:   After 136 Blog posts and 21 months since diagnosis, I opened an online Breast Cancer Store – please check it out.   cropped-cropped-cropped-logofb.jpg

One comment

  1. Hey, Denise. I will e-mail you a bigger picture in a pink hat and a halo wig. I thought I looked cute too. Haha. The wig store still sends me catalog. They know I still wear them. I have to juice today too. My fresh grapefruit (no it’s not in season) and oranges are turning overripe on me. I will throw some veggies too.

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