Beyond the Shock

So here it is…the day you get BEYOND THE SHOCK of being diagnosed with Breast Cancer.  It is still hard for me to write those words or say those words.   The sun is out this morning on a beautiful, cool, crisp October day.  It’s a different sun than it was last week.  This sun has promise and hope.  This sun has warmth in the midst of the cold.  This sun is the light.

Today I can see the path ahead more clearly.

I had a dream this morning that I owned a chateau in France.  I got to the house and there were suspended ceiling tile in the living area.  All of them were cracked and kept cracking before my eyes.  I was shocked.  I wondered why I had purchased this house in a foreign country with a cracked and broken ceiling.  So I took a long stick and poked at the ceiling tile.  A whole group of them just fell to the ground.  I was terrified I owned this piece of trash.  What had I gotten myself into, I wondered in the dream?  But then I looked up.  Beyond the broken and cracked and ruined ceiling tile, I had a glimpse, just a glimpse of this gorgeous ceiling.  More beautiful than I could imagine.   A hand-painted vaulted ceiling that was hidden by the hideous ceiling tile.   And then I awakened.

This is the day that there is a slight glimmer of hope.  The day that you can see beyond the horror. And I know today that God has more for me beyond the ugliness, beyond the sky that seems to be falling, beyond the shattered and the broken.  And so it goes….TODAY.

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