University of Michigan Breast Care Clinic

I have only been a patient at the University of Michigan Breast Care Clinic in Ann Arbor, Michigan for three weeks.  But it has been an incredible, intense three weeks.  The care I have received thus far has been unlike anything I’ve experienced.  Their comprehensive approach really calms you as a patient and lets you know the experts are handling it.

For example, I received a call from my Nurse Practitioner today on her day off from her home to tell me the results of my bone scan and CT Scan.  There were some question marks on the tests, so I have to have an MRI next week.  Their entire approach is, “Don’t worry, if it is something, we can handle it. We will postpone surgery and start chemotherapy. We have chemo that can target it.  And they always tell you about another patient who is doing well after dealing with the same thing two years or five years or 20 years later.”   They bring comfort, support and encouragement always in the name of healing.

When you go to the University of Michigan Hospital, I decided it is like the Walt Disney World of Medicine.  It is like living in Tomorrow Land.  Have you been to Disney?  If so, you know the amazing, organized way they move thousands of people through their intricate system. University of Michigan Hospital does it with their patients.  And like Disney, the employees always have a smile on their face and are willing to help you.  If you stand in a corridor for 30 seconds and look the least confused as to where you are, a minimum of three employees will stop and ask if they can help you.  That means something to a patient.

The biggest thing I have received is the support.  Don’t worry, we can target that specific area, we have drugs that will help that, just relax and enjoy your life.  Let us handle the rest.  And so I am.

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UPDATE:   I have no been a patient there for over 4 months through surgery and chemo.  My opinion has only gotten better of University Of Michigan Breast Care Clinic and Hospital.  It is an amazing place!   One Chemo Nurse told me their philosophy is they never give up on a patient.

FURTHER UPDATE:  It is close to a year since my treatment began at University of Michigan.  I cannot say enough good things about my treatment there.

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