Living 24 hours at a time with Breast Cancer

Before my diagnosis  of Breast Cancer, I don’t think I was very good at living “one day at a time”.  However, that is the biggest lesson I have learned so far is to concentrate on just today.  Truly, it is all any of us have.  We can plan for just about anything.  Or we can pretend we know how we might feel 6 months from now.   But we have no idea how we will feel or what our life circumstances might be.

I am take charge person who wants to solve everyone else’s problems.  That is the old me.  The new me realizes I can’t solve much of anything.  Before diagnosis, I took on about every problem I could possibly take on in a day.  Now I am learning to let go.  Concerning myself about something I have no control over isn’t worth the energy it takes me to care!   There is tremendous relief in realizing that fact.   How quickly you can change when you have to change.

Living for today brings me peace.  Living for today doesn’t mean I am irresponsible or living it up while I can.  It means relying on God for what I need today.  Today I am not having surgery, nor having chemo, nor radiation.  I have hair today.  There are no tests being done to me today.   God will provide me the courage and strength I need when I need it.  Not before.  Today I am at peace.



  1. Thank you for posting this – a lesson for all of us. I am so proud of you, you are an amazing woman!! Love and prayers, Connie

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