Good News during Breast Cancer

So after weeks of bad news upon bad news, I received great news yesterday.  My cancer  is not in any other organs including brain and bones!  I was ecstatic when my Nurse Practitioner delivered the news.  But I had been preparing for bad news in order to cope.

A few minutes after I received the good news, I went into what I will call Frozen Shock Syndrome.   I was immobile and had difficulty functioning.   Even a taking a shower seemed like an impossible feat. Slowly, as the day went on I was able to truly absorb the news.  I talked to a counselor friend.  She stated that I was in bad news high emotion mode for so many weeks, it was difficult to comprehend good news.   

I would never have believed you could have had a reaction to positive news like I did.  It just took some time to filter down into my being so I could really absorb what it meant.  But by the time I went to bed, it must have totally absorbed because I slept for 7 hours straight which I haven’t done in two months!


One comment

  1. I think you make an important point, Denise. We often underestimate how our bodies absorb our emotions…and how much we internalize without even being aware of it. Like your experience, only after, sometimes far after, does our body “respond” and we are shocked at how “loudly” it speaks! Thanking God for this terrific news!!!!!! 🙂

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