Gratitude for Breast Cancer

So ask the great gals in my Book Group.  I am always preaching about gratitude and how we have to be thankful for everything, blah blah blah blah blah!!  I must admit, until this point in the journey, I haven’t been able to be grateful for much of anything having to do with Breast Cancer.  So I made a decision that I was going to try to be grateful.

I am grateful for the Little Lump that appeared out of nowhere on my breast.  Both the radiologist and surgeon told me that Little Lump saved my life as it then allowed them to discover the Big Lump that was hidden, undiscovered and difficult to feel.  No medical expert paid any attention to Little Lump.  They dismissed that as nothing.  They aren’t even sure why Little Lump appeared.  It may just be fluid and not tumor.  Little Lump, I will always be grateful for you!  You are going to lose your life along with Big Lump, but it is a sacrifice that I will never forget.

Okay, so how am I doing in the gratitude department?  Just a bit lame talking about Big and Little Lump like they are cartoon characters.  But it helps to reduce their power. 

An old friend who happens to be a Roman Catholic Priest told me he would give me five years before he expected me to have any gratitude for Breast Cancer.  I am a little competitive.  I am going to try and beat that five-year goal he gave me. 

I know I will have alot to be grateful for and thank God for the grace to recognize what those things are.  But, I think my friend who gave me five years is very wise.  Sometimes it takes awhile to find gratitude in difficult situations and that’s okay.   Just don’t tell the gals in my Book Group!



  1. Denise, your blog about being “grateful” for breast cancer got me to thinking about my own breast cancer situation. . .and you know what, I do realize that I am grateful for something huge that I just took for granted BC (that’s Before Cancer, like AC is After Cancer in the survivors’ lingo!). And that is the love and support of family and friends! I knew all my life that there were people out there who cared about me, sure. But I was just blown away by the phone calls, text messages, cards (and more cards), flowers, dinners after surgery, and, most especially, “feelings” of love I received. I only hope they know how very important that was and still is to me. Somehow I know you already know that and are grateful. . .

    • Meg, I really want to spend more time writing about this in my recuperation.
      I so much appreciate your comments. I told someone that the love and support you receive is like having
      the grace to attend your own funeral only you are surviving!! I know you know what I mean!

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