Awaiting Chemotherapy during Advent

Chemotherapy scares me.  You’ve heard the stories.  I’ve heard the stories.  Everyone wants to tell me a chemo story now.  Rarely are they anything you want to hear.  I mentioned this to my Oncologist.  He laughed and said, “How do you think I feel at a Christmas Cocktail Party?  All I want to do is have a drink and everyone has a story about how Aunt Millie puked her guts out 35 years ago!”  And we both laughed.  I was glad he drank.  My dad said never trust anyone who doesn’t occasionally have a drink.   My very credentialed Oncologist probably would be surprised to know my trust developed when he talked about a Cocktail Party and not chemotherapy facts.

So it is the week of Christmas.  For me Chemotherapy begins on December 27th.  I’m awaiting the Birth of Jesus and Chemotherapy simultaneously.  How do I align those two events in my life?  Baby Jesus means new life, hope, peace, and new beginnings.  Maybe I can turn the fear of chemotherapy into a positive based on the birth of Jesus.  Just talking about it in such a positive light brings me hope!   I’m going to give it my best shot – no pun intended.   I’ll be letting you know how I do!

One comment

  1. Denise, I think you got it absoultely right in both your observations about your oncologist and the fact that your chemo starts at Christmastime! Keep up the good thoughts–I am doing the same for you! Love and prayers!

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