When they chop off your boob , cut off your hair, and you still have confidence….

you know you have it going on, girl, and that God loves you!!   What a revelation!

This morning it struck me that I have alot in common with numerous Hollywood stars.   You know when you see those Enquirer magazine photos of stars caught unawares and they look absolutely terrible? You don’t even recognize them.  But then the makeup goes on, they put on their wigs, hairpieces, fake boobs, and tape up their cleavage and it is like wow?   Well, now I know how they feel.

I got the wow factor going on.  I am ready for the red carpet, well maybe pink carpet,  and so are you!



  1. My Dear Friend – I am so glad you shared your blog with me today. I read it starting with yesterday then read back through to October. It made me feel better to read how positive and faithful you are today after all you have been through. You’ve already come so far. I look forward to getting together with you soon. I would like to say you need a hug from an old friend (me) but in truth, I need a hug from my strong, spiritual friend (you). I admire you with all my heart. with love…

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