Enjoy your almost normal days during Chemotherapy…

Even though I look in the mirror and am almost bald, everything else feels near normal today!  It doesn’t matter that another dose of chemo looms tomorrow.  For today, I feel good and celebrate.   It brings me so much hope for the future that my body will be able to spring back from this horror! 

Today feels like normal living BEFORE the Breast Cancer diagnosis.  I  opened my eyes from sleep and immediately knew I felt good, and energetic, and hungry!   Three things I took for granted just about every day of my life.   Today there is none of the usual “it’s Monday” dread.  I feel like dancing, and you know, I did.  I danced down my hallway today to celebrate the energy I feel.   It is such a wonder and gift!  

And I danced to celebrate I FEEL like taking a shower, getting dressed, and getting in my car!   I danced to celebrate I can go to the post office and mail my property taxes.  Now that one was a stretch, but I celebrated anyway!   And I danced that I can think of eating chicken. 

I’ve also made the decision on the days I feel like dancing, forget cleaning and forget laundry even though it’s Monday.  Who cares???   I have a celebration to do.   I can clean when I feel like crap.  Today, I am going to keep dancing!  Remember that 1976 disco song by Leo Sayers, ” You Make Me Feel Like Dancing?”   I loved that song and still do!  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhSjwU8gEsI&feature=related 

Then I told a dear friend today that I was dancing, and she sent me Martha & the Vandella, Dancing in the Street!  LOVE IT!


Dance with me to celebrate!


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