Dreams during Chemotherapy

I have had some very vivid dreams during Chemotherapy which have been very positive.  Always, I have felt God speaks to me through my dreams.  In the Bible, many people are spoken to in dreams.  My favorite Bible dream stories involve Joseph, husband of Mary, and Jesus’ earthly father.

The three specific episodes in the New Testament are as follows:

First dream: In Matthew 1:20-21 Joseph is told not be afraid to take Mary as his wife, because she was conceived by the Holy Spirit.

Second dream: In Matthew 2:13 Joseph is warned to leave Bethlehem and flee to Egypt.

Third dream: In Matthew 2:19-20, while in Egypt, Joseph is told that it is safe to go back to Nazareth.

If God speaks to Joseph in dreams, I know He speaks to me in dreams.

After all 3 weeks of chemo, I’ve dreamed I was in a basement.  Basements indicate the unconscious.  In all of the dreams, everything was in order and amazingly clean!!   Everything in the basement had been sanitized and was sparkling clean all 3 dreams!

This brings me hope, especially this morning’s dream.

There was a very safe-feeling, attractive man who escorted me down to a basement under my house.  I didn’t know I had a basement, and in real life, I don’t!  The first thing I saw when I entered the basement were these enourmous blocks of ice, piled in a very neat fashion, from floor to ceiling, all covered in white see-through translucent cloth, all connected to very detailed machinery.  It looked like something out of a science fiction movie.   I asked the man what that was.  He told me it was a very advanced water purifying process.  It was far more advanced than I could imagine.  I told him I had seen these purification processes with coolant.  He said this was far more efficient and futuristic and not to worry.

After we got passed this area, there were at least 300 bicycles lining the outside walls of the basement.  All were shiny, gorgeous, bicycles, in various colors but the same size.  There were several workers working on these bicycles.  They were in perfect order, all had their chains on, and tires pumped up.  I was shocked by the intricacies of this bicycle shop that I had no idea existed!

Then I woke up.   Immediately, I knew the dream was very important.  I am undergoing a purification process, my unconscious is speaking to me.  In dreams, you have to ask yourself what the thing or event means to you.   For me, bicycles represents a means of transportation much slower than what I would like to be driving.  I like to drive cars and go fast.  Bicycles always seem to slow to me.  When I was a kid, I liked my bike.  It was a bright blue Western Flyer bike.  But I got a little bored driving it, so I learned to ride it no handed to spice it up a bit.  I remember driving my bike no handed all the time.  I could even turn corners without my hands on the handlebars!!   And once in awhile that darn chain would come off.  That was so annoying!

So in my dream, the bicycles to me represent this slower means of transportation, kind of boring, but reliable.  And the chains were all on, brakes were all fixed, and every one of those 300 bicycles in the dream, were sparkling!  And they were being worked on by neatly dressed, mechanics who knew exactly what they were doing!

So what do I take from this dream?  I am being healed of any cancer cells as I undergo this advanced purification process.   There are many intricacies going on that I have no control and no ideas about, but the work is being done.  And although it is far slower than I would like, it is being done in perfect order.

And that brings me peace….


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