Expending energy wisely during Chemotherapy and Breast Cancer

I have learned so much on this Breast Cancer journey.  One of the most important things I have learned that hopefully I will take to my future is the expending of energy.  Since I have had so little energy during Chemotherapy, I have learned to be extremely careful where I spend those precious reserves.  Now that I am getting slightly more energetic, it is even more critical!

Always having been a fairly energetic person, I never really thought twice about where I was expending my energy.  If I wanted to run to the grocery store every day, I did.  If someone asked me to a social function, I said yes.  If I wanted to take a drive just to waste time, I would. Now, since I have to really, really think if I have enough energy to get into the car, drive to the grocery store, walk from the parking lot clear to the back of the store, often times I just know I don’t have enough energy to do it.  As a result, I do without, use something else, or ask for help.  And I never realized how much energy driving takes!  Being single, I drive almost everywhere.  Never really spent that much time thinking about it.  Now, I don’t have the energy to drive far and realize how draining it is!

So what have I learned for my future?   So many “things” I did or “places I went” took alot of energy that I could have spent in a more productive way.  Maybe if I hadn’t been so busy going to the grocery store, I could have found a cure for cancer.

Well, that might be a stretch, but you get the idea.  Energy is a precious gift.  I pray as my surviving cancer continues, I will protect my energy and expend it wisely.


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