When You Are Diagnosed with Cancer You Move to Planet of the Cancers

The day the words, “You have Cancer” are spoken is the day you are transported to Planet of the Cancers.  It happens immediately. You don’t have a bag packed, nothing is ready, and when you get there, you cry to go home to the familiar.  Of course, you have heard the stories of people who have been abducted by aliens.  That is exactly what happens.   An alien illness has taken over your body and as a result, you are forced to live in this painful and bleak habitat.

You will not be prepared in any way for life on Planet of the Cancers. Your life as you know it is over. On Planet of the Cancers most people are bald, they are a lethargic group, and their life revolves around medical appointments and poisonous medicines that drip into you.

Many, many wonderful family members and some amazing and treasured friends will make the journey with you to this isolated planet. Time and time again, they will help you adjust to your new life and make sacrifices for you.   Also, some acquaintances and friends from your distant past may absolutely shock you by showing up on Planet of the Cancers!  You certainly did not expect them to arrive.  They will bring amazing comfort to you when you need it the most, stay awhile, and help you adjust to this foreign lifestyle. You will never forget the heroic acts made by family and friends and all the energy it took them to visit you on Planet of the Cancers to bring you comfort and hope.

Unfortunately, just a few that you think might visit you on Planet of the Cancers, will make a choice not to make the trek.  There will be excuses from these previous adventure travelers,  but finally after a lot of disappointment, you learn that their journeys usually involve more pleasant destinations.   Planet of the Cancers is anything but joyful.  A few may deny that you have even moved to this new world as they want to believe nothing has changed.  You will get over these losses, however difficult, move on, and become stronger as a result.

As with anything else, after time, you start to adjust to life on Planet of the Cancers as much as you deplore it.  You learn to endure.  Many amazing residents of Planet of the Cancers will inspire you, bring you strength and hope along the way.  The inhabitants of Planet of the Cancers are an amazing group!

Along the way, you finally surrender control as you meet up with The Person in Charge.  He tells you that while you are here on Planet of the Cancers, you will not understand why you had to make this difficult journey.  But some day, you will understand.  Then He tells you that in the meantime, He will be taking care of all of your needs, you just have to trust Him.  Is that ever a challenge.  You thought you knew who The Person in Charge was in your previous environment, but on Planet of the Cancers?  This is a whole different reality.

The Person in Charge alludes that one day I may be able to go back to my previous existence as I am being healed while on Planet of the Cancers.  But He prepares me that life will never be the same.  Planet of the Cancers will forever change me.   It will change you too.

To be continued….


  1. Hopefully, both of our journeys on planet of cancers will be once in a lifetime trip that was be as brief as possible!

  2. When I was diagnosed with the dreaded word *swallow* cancer, I found myself in the middle of the cancer community and wondered, “Why am I here? I don’t want to be here? I don’t want to accept this invitation.” But I got there without my consent and I am dealing with it. I have to. I found good and bad in it. I found some support including some free stuff. Hey I got free wigs, scarf…I also found pain, tears, and some resolution. This is life. I choose to live it with my eyes open.

    I like the way you describe it, “the planet of cancer,” beautifully written, my friend.

  3. I love how you discribe being on planet of the canvers. Although I’ve never had cancer myself and don’t pretend to know what it’s like to be a resident of that planet, I definitely know how it feels to be a voluntary visitor there. My dear friend Pat (Fr. Pat) was diagnosed with terminal cancer and given 2 months to live, you want them to fight! But reality sets in; lungs, pacreas, stomach, liver, and it’s like in that moment you realize you have a choice; “You can run like hell! Or comitt to seeing this through with them”! I’ve done many emotionally difficult things in life, but holding someone during their journey of dying and going to God was the hardest thing I ever volunteer to do, but I was tremendously blest by it, truly!

    The hardest thing was limited time. Man! Two months he barely could grasp the reality of the diagnoses.

    For me walking into hospice the first was like someone hit me in the gut! But when I saw him up it was like grace came and I knew what i was to do – listen! And follow his cues.

    I know you’ll be fine. but wanted to share my volunteer visit to planet of the cancers!

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