Last Day of Chemo and Passing out Hope

I did it, I made it, the last Taxol Chemotherapy infusion is still coursing through my veins, but it is finished!  Never did I think I would make it through especially in those darkest days of January and February during Adriamycin and Cytoxan Chemotherapy.  But with the encouragement and love of family and friends and by God’s grace, I completed it!

To celebrate, I took some candy to pass out to strangers who crossed my path, nurses that were important to me, and Chemo Patients waiting in the Infusion Area for their Chemo.  It felt like Halloween.  As I passed out the candy and explained I was celebrating my last Chemo Treatment, everyone was genuinely happy for me!   They knew the pain and suffering.  Truly they were overjoyed for me.  Several people applauded.  It was touching to me.

Two gentlemen in particular stick in my mind.  Both had very rare forms of cancer.  They asked me a lot of questions, couldn’t believe I made it through 5 months of Chemo, told me I looked great,  and we shared our stories.  They asked me what my prognosis was.  I said, “I am alive today!” with a smile.  In separate conversations, both men had the same look of hope as we talked.  Hope being born is a lovely thing to see in another person.  Giving them the cancer cheerleader pep talk felt so genuine and real, because I believe it:  Do not give up, keep up the fight, and you can do it.  Simple yet powerful words.

Passing out hope with a little candy on the side!   What a great mission!


  1. Celebrating with you, Denise! You are an amazing woman sharing your journey to bring help and hope to so many others!

  2. Thank you, Michele and Kathy for your kind words!
    Kathy, glad that great minds think alike when it comes to candy!
    Thanks for taking the time to comment. I celebrate with you as well.

  3. I just did a cartwheel for you! Way to go! I have 3 more cycles of taxol before the surgeries. Your posts have been so real and encouraging. Thanks for sharing your journey.

  4. I was just recomended the exact tx plan of chemo you went through. I am so glad I found this blog. I am scared and hearing what you have been through helps to know you made it….good job. I will also be buying your hats…very cute!

    • Emily, I’m so glad I can be of help! At the beginning it is so overwhelming,
      you think you will never make it through! But you will. Don’t think of it
      all at once. Only do it in sections!!

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