Herceptin and Heart Trouble

My miracle drug Herceptin has caused problems with my heart.  I’m not happy about it, but there is nothing I can do about it except do what the Cardiologist tells me to do.  My Medical Oncologist says not every Cardiologist gets Oncology and the heart damage it can cause, but the guy he is sending me to does.   Heart problems can be a major side effect with Herceptin which happens to about 25% of patients.  An Echocardiogram is administered frequently during Herceptin infusions to see how the heart is functioning.  Before I started Chemo, my heart was better than most for my age.

Many times, this turns around on its own or after medical treatment with a Cardiologist.  This is all I know!  For once I don’t want to research this too much!    Herceptin is on hold and has been for a month thus far.  My Oncologist tried to console me telling me about a clinical trial in Finland that showed 3 months of Herceptin was just as good as one year.  I’ve had 3 months.  I hope our Finnish friends are correct!!

If you have had Herceptin heart trouble, please comment and let me know your experience or contact me at b4Denise@hotmail.com       Thank you!



  1. …bummer re the hrt probs….isn’t that just a stinker after all you’ve been thru:-(
    I can tell you however, from clinical and personal experience that the heart is the MOST restorative organ and your brilliant cardio guy will find a pill or tx to rememdy and help the heart find its optimum performance again!!
    …looking fwd to the hair showcase:-)

    • Oh, thanks SO MUCH for the professional encouragement, Cathy! It means
      ALOT! All I know about the heart is that it beats! I truly appreciate
      your knowledge!!

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