The Many Different Kinds and Stages of Breast Cancer

Before I became a Breast Cancer patient and now survivor, I thought there was one kind of breast cancer–a one size fits all approach.  Well, I did know that some people had mastectomies and others had lumpectomies.  Also, I knew that some had chemo and radiation and others did not.  So was I shocked to find out all the differences of Breast Cancer.

My objective here is to just give an overview.  If you are a breast cancer patient or survivor, these terms are familiar to you.  If you are not, perhaps the information will help you understand the different kinds and stages of breast cancer..

Types of Breast Cancer.  For more info go to


Stages of Breast Cancer  for more information go to:

Stage 0

Stage 1a and 1b

Stage 2a and 2b

Stage 3a, 3b, and 3c

Stage 4


Lymph Node Involvement       


Cell Grades of Breast Cancer  for more information go to:

Grades 1, 2 or 3


Estrogen Positive or Negative and Progesterone Positive or Negative


Her2Neu Positive or Negative

Determines if you need the drug Herceptin for one year

I hope this gives a brief synopsis of the many intricacies of Breast Cancer.



  1. Really nice post Denise. We found that the women on our social network for women with breast cancer (MyBCTeam) actually search for other women based on type of breast cancer, stage of diagnosis and the like. It’s really important. Thanks,eric

    • Eric, I appreciate your comment. Your statements certainly ring true for me.
      It was important for me to speak with other women with a diagnosis very similar
      to mine. Thank you so much. Denise

  2. While in the “Throws” of my AC treatment I was feeling so awful that I thought I would try to research a little online about AC. What I had on my mind was just exactly what is the “lifetime” limit of adramyacin ? I wanted to know this because I felt so horrible after my second round of AC ( I have already been thru 4 taxol treatments and I breezed thru those) that I wanted to ask my doctor if I could stop and not take my remaining two AC treatments. With all that being said I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading about your journey. Because of you and the many others walking this journey I have decided ” I CAN do it” I’m not alone! 2 more 2 more I can do it! Thanks for your blog and I wanted to let you know that God is working thru you….he brought me to you ! Just when I needed someone who I knew, knew how I felt. Thank you!
    I was diagnosed April 17, 2012 with IDC triple negative stage 2a due to auxiliary node involvement . Started dose dense chemo on May 10 with 8 total treatments. First 4 were taxol alone and remaining 4 are adramyacin cytoxin together. I am 6 treatments in with my next one on Aug 2. Surgery will be upon completion of chemo.
    Again thanks!

    • Donna, thank you so very much for your kind and encouraging note while you are in
      the throes of A/C. You were a great encouragement to me. I will be writing you
      via a separate email. Thank you…Denise

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