Cleaning your Closets after Cancer Treatment ends

When I was first diagnosed and very uncertain about my prognosis, I looked at my cluttered and spilling over closet and thought, “Wow, someone is going to have to clean out this closet when I die.  I feel sorry for them!”

Yesterday was my 33rd and final Radiation Treatment after being diagnosed with Breast Cancer almost 10 months ago.   Since that time it has been surgery, recovery, Chemo, and Radiation with very little down time.  Guess what, I am alive!  That is cause for celebration!  But the bad news is, I have to clean my own closet!  So I decided to tackle it immediately!

The first things to go are things I can no longer wear because of the Mastectomy.  Even when I have reconstructive surgery, some things just won’t work.   Next comes the bras and lingerie that I no longer can wear mostly because of underwires or they just can’t accommodate the prosthesis.  Then it is time to sort through the swim suits.  I hoard swim suits because they always look good and seem to keep their shape.   Now I can only wear 2 of them – one mastectomy suit and an older suit that I was able to modify.   Time for the rest to go.  That hurt a little, but  my new motto is, “Doing (whatever) is easier than Chemo” so in the pile they go.

Then there are the formal dresses I’ve kept from 1982 thinking they will come back in style, and I will have occasion to wear them.  They won’t, and I won’t.

Now shoes and purses are another story.  This becomes more challenging.  No, I cannot give away that knockoff Coach purse, can I?  It looks so real and what if I get arrested for giving it to the Goodwill?    Oh, remember those darling sandals that never did fit, but they are so cute!  And the dialogue goes on in my head!

And so the transition begins.  Out with the old, in with the new.



  1. Congratulations on the end of radiation and the clean closet! I started getting rid of anything I hadn’t worn for a year every 6 months or so. I actually wear everything I own now. Very freeing 🙂

  2. Wow, that is something for me to set as a new goal. I am impressed! That is definitely freeing to wear everything you own. Gosh, I have to go back and go through that closet a few more times! Thanks!

  3. Oh yes, doing just abt anything is better than going thru chemo. I was tired of feeling tired while on chemo. That was not me. Glad you have the energy to clean your own closet.

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