Pinktober, Pink Ribbons, and other Pink Topics regarding Breast Cancer

My new hobby during the month of October is turning over every pink package to see what it says, to see where contributions are being given, if any, and studying displays of pink on sale everywhere.

I asked Dr. Daniel Hayes, my Oncologist at the University of Michigan Breast Cancer Center, where he recommends donations be given.   His answers:

1)  Breast Cancer Research Foundation

2)  Susan G. Komen

He then told me that University of Michigan has received over $10 million dollars for breast cancer research money from these two organizations in the past 2 years.  Dr. Hayes was a scientific advisor to Komen and has been on the Board at Breast Cancer Research Foundation and is an advisor.  Not only do I trust him with my life, I trust his advice about donations.

Also, I have been a recipient of a gas card from the American Cancer Society to go back and forth to treatment!  This was a total surprise.  Also, I have participated in the Look Good, Feel Better program sponsored by ACS, and particated in their Making Strides Against Breast Cancer events.

I am not so offended by Pinktober as some Breast Cancer survivors seem to be.  For one thing, I was diagnosed in October.  And all of the breast cancer medical places I had to frequent said October is their busiest month.  So I do believe pink heightens awareness.

What I am offended by are companies that jump on the pink bandwagon and give nothing to research.  They just appear like they do.  I hate seeing people be taken advantage of by pink propaganda.  PLEASE BE SURE to see where dollars are going before you buy any pink stuff.  So many companies are truly giving to good charities, but others, give absolutely nothing.

I walked in the Komen Race for the Cure with my family.  My dear Aunt Marian sponsored us and got us all together and bought us Team Denise shirts.   We had a wonderful day.  It was very emotional for me for all the support I received.  And it was moving and touching to see all the 17,000 people present at my local event.  The March of Survivors brought tears to me as I walked with other women who had been down the breast cancer road and survived.  Even 10 years ago, so many of us would not have survived.  I sprayed my chemo-cut hair pink and joined in on the fun along with the seriousness of the day. Komen is doing great work.

I know some people get angry at Komen for a variety of reasons, many accusations which have never been proven true, but I truly believe their intentions are good.  The proof is in the amount of dollars that are disbursed locally.  And if Dr. Hayes says they are a great organization, that is proof enough to me!


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