Do not quit Chemotherapy even if you want to…be encouraged!!

Maybe you are in the middle of Chemotherapy and want to give up.  It is totally understandable you feel that way.  The road is long and so difficult. Some of you may be on this road for a second or even third time or even more.    When I was only 6 weeks into 5 months of Chemotherapy, I told my Oncologist I wanted to quit because I did not care if I lived or died.  Thankfully he said, “I won’t let you”, held my hand in a doctorly fashion, told me he didn’t know how bad it was because he never went through it, and promised me the next drug would be much better.  It was and I made it through the 5 months of chemo.

Donna, from Marshall, Arkansas wrote to me on September 21, 2012 with this fabulous news!

I wanted to give you another update.  I had my first visit with the surgeon on Wednesday.. .In talking with the surgeon she called me her miracle patient! How about that?!  I have  absolutely no residual cancer in my pathology report! This is like getting an  A plus on a report card… I am so happy! All of the treatment has worked! And as I have said before you deserve credit for cheering me on and making me feel that I could finish the horrible AC Chemotherapy!   You are an angel!

Well, trust me, I am no angel.  I simply gave Donna encouragement that she could make it through Chemotherapy and told her that absolutely no one can understand what it is like unless you have been through it.

Less than 2 months before on July 28, 2012, Donna felt so many opposite feelings when she wrote me this:

While in the midst of my AC Chemotherapy treatment I was feeling so awful that I thought I would try to research a little online about AC Chemo.  What I had on my mind was just exactly what is the “lifetime” limit of Adramyacin Chemotherapy? I wanted to know this because I felt so horrible after my second round of AC ( I have already been thru 4  Taxol treatments and I breezed through those) that I wanted to ask my doctor if I could stop and not take my remaining two AC treatments.  With all that being said I stumbled upon your blog and have been reading about your journey.  Because of you and the many others walking this journey I have decided ” I CAN do it” I’m not alone! 2 more 2 more I can do it! Thanks for your blog and I wanted to let you know that God is working through you….he brought me to you !  Just when I needed someone who I knew, knew how I felt. Thank you!
(I was diagnosed April 17, 2012 with IDC triple negative stage 2a due to auxiliary node involvement…)

I am so grateful that Donna did not give up.  She kept persevering and now she is cancer free!!   When I wrote Donna to ask if I could use her emails, she responded:

I live in Marshall, Arkansas. I am so happy to have you write about me and my journey through cancer because if it helps even just one person, it’s worth it!  It has become my passion to help people now.  I have even spoken with the American Cancer Society about becoming a volunteer and hopefully starting a chapter here in my small town.  The town population is about 1,200 with about 6,000 in the county.  We have to drive at least 35 miles to the closest Emergency Room and about 70 miles to a better hospital.  So the people of this county need something for support for the people who are stricken with this horrible disease.
Donna will be such an encouragement to so many!  She exudes love, friendship and support.  What an asset Donna will be to her community, the American Cancer Society, and cancer patients who need her giftedness.
My new friend, Donna, and I understand!  We wanted to quit Chemotherapy but we kept going.  YOU CAN TOO!!!     (Please make sure to read the comments on this post, too!)   
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  1. Thank you for this post. 11 years ago, I told my doctor that I would not be back for my final chemotherapy treatment because I just couldn’t do it anymore. He simply pulled out a pen and paper to take notes and asked me who I would be getting to take care of my 2-year-old . . . Needless to say, that helped me stay focused.

    • Oh my goodness, when I ran across this it broke my heart. I hope you are doing well now, would love to hear from you. I am on my 2nd cycle of AC and going for my 3rd this coming Friday. Then i have 4 cycles of Taxol to do. I am 46, this is my 2nd time with breast cancer and going through chemotherapy. I have a 13 yo son. I am not looking forward to this coming Friday 😦 Sandra from WI

  2. I too am almost finished with chemo and am determined to make it through without any breaks. I was diagnosed with Stage 3 IDC EP-/Her2+ on 5/25/12 and did 4 rounds of AC and am in week 9 of 12 with TH. It’s been rough but I’ve decided to approach my treatment from a standpoint of thankfulness. Being able to get out of bed and make it to each treatment is its own victory. I must admit, I’ll be dancing out of there on 10/23/12, which is my last treatment for a while. I’m hoping I’ll be able to do the herceptin every three months as planned. Of course there’s surgery in November and radiation to follow but I’ll be one down!! Thanks for your blog and encouragement.

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