Paraben Free Living After Breast Cancer

Living Paraben-free after Breast Cancer has been a huge challenge.  Parabens are preservative chemicals used everywhere – food, cosmetics, shampoos, soaps, cleaning products, and on and on!    There have been some studies done that show most tumors from women with Breast Cancer contain parabens.  Parabens are estrogenic and estrogen feeds most breast cancers.  That is why I need to avoid them.  I think everyone should be more aware of the dangers of parabens.

Wikipedia does a good job of explaining parabens if you need more information:

Imagine today you have your house full of your favorite cosmetics, soaps, detergents, and foods, and tomorrow you are told, “Get rid of it as it could kill you.”   I’ve been researching products for over a year now.  Some of them are absolutely outrageously expensive.   My goal was to find great and healthy products at reasonable prices.

This is what I am currently using:

1)  Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps – My Kroger Food Store has an organic section, and I am able to buy it there, at Walgreens,  or on    I use the liquid soap for bathing and washing my face.  I also use Dr. Bronner’s bar soaps (I use the baby castile soaps) as it is the mildest.  It was gentle enough to use all through Radiation.

You can use this in the laundry or for cleaning as well.  Dr. Bronner’s company says there are 18 uses for it.  I’m still figuring them all out, but I like the product.  Dr. Bronner had some unusual beliefs as shown by his writings on his soaps.  He is deceased and his products live on by his family members.

2)  I’ve recently discovered YES TO CARROTS –      I have been using the shampoos, conditioners and face creams so far.  I love them.  They are sold at Walgreens, CVS, Rite Aid, and now Walmart.  The hair products are great.  I paid $7.99 for the shampoo (on sale from $8.99) and the same for the conditioner.  I’ve researched the ingredients, and they are all safe for me.  They keep adding new paraben-free products to their line.

3)  Apple Cider Vinegar and White Vinegar – back to basics.  I use this for cleaning.  If you pour about a cup in the toilet and let it for about an hour, it removes all of the built up grime, dirt and lines that bleach didn’t remove!!   This Reader’s Digest Article gives 150 uses for vinegar!

4)  Baking Soda – I use this for brushing my teeth (prevents mouth sores), I use it as a scrub in place of scouring powder, deodorizing the cat’s litter box, and the list keeps growing for its uses.   Of course, I use it in my refrigerator for odor removal.  This website lists 75 uses for baking soda!

5) Aloe Vera – I started using Aloe Vera during radiation and find it to be helpful as a moisturizer anywhere on your body!

6) Calendula Lotion or Cream – sold at health food stores, I also discovered this during Rads.  Great moisturizer at a great price!

I’m still researching paraben-free makeups that don’t cost $100 per ounce.   If you have some suggestions, please email me at  or leave a comment here!   Aveda has great products that are paraben free.  I do use some Aveda products, however, the prices are quite high.

Also, I discovered that Dial has a liquid soap for hand cleaning, that is Dial Naturals.  It is great and is sometimes on sale for $1.00 – paraben free.


  1. I use jojoba oil as a lotion. It is similar to our body’s natural oils which we scrub off every morning in the shower. This leaves our skin dry and susceptible to the elements.

    On long yard work weekends, without visitors, I’ll comb it through my hair and then wear a bandana to cover the greasy look. When you shower it all off at end of day (or weekend) everything feels soft a silky.

    All natural, no hidden ingredients 🙂

    I’ve been focusing on hormone reduction in my foods… Scary.

    I’m enjoying your blog, thank you !

  2. Hi Denise,
    Have you ever used the website, I love this website! EWG stands for Environmental Working Group I think and they rate almost 80,000 cosmetic products on a scale of 0-10 of how harmful they are to you. Low risk is 0,1, and 2, moderate risk is 3, 4 and 5 and high risk is 6,7,8,9,and 10. For the past few months I do not buy any type of cosmetic product, soap, shampoo, etc. before checking this website. I thought things like Aveeno soy products and Burt Bees natural cleansers were much better than products from companies like Olay. However, it turns out that just because something says natural, or soy or is expensive does not make it better for you. My Aveeno and Burt Bees product I was using was ranked a 5 and my Olay cleanser a 2. Not all Olay products are a 2 by any means though. It just shows you need to look at every individual product and not be fooled by empty words. This website breaks down and rates every ingrediant regarding their safety. I am slowly getting everything in my bathroom to a 0, 1, or 2 ranking and soon will not have any 4 or 5s. You should check out this website, it is cool and informative. They list all the Say Yes to Carrot products.

  3. Hi Denise!! I just came across your blog & have been reading all day. Thank you so much for all of this information & for addressing all the feelings, details & side effects that nobody else has!! My goodness what a godsend you are! I just finished chemo last month (stage 4 metastatic- all tumors gone after 3 months taxotere/herceptin/perjata- whoo hoo!) & am having all the worries about recurrence, long term side effects, etc…. I had been switching to as much chemical free as possible, especially in food.. for beauty products, I have found LUSH products to be paraben free and as chemical free as possible. Also look into Coconut oil for health benefits & beauty, and REAL FOOD blogs. I also take iodone, CoQ10, and Reishi Mushroom as supplemental preventatives, all 3 have had some positive effects in studies, altho not the gold standard ” double blind ” etc. yet- I wish they would. Best wishes & you have gained a new fellow ! Thank you for your efforts, they are really helpful!

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