The Lessons of Cancer…When to Keep Your Mouth Shut

Today I accompanied my mom to assist her in purchasing a new car at a local car dealership. Jim has sold our family quite a few cars over the years. The last time I saw and talked with Jim was a week before I started Chemotherapy 13 months ago. After a little cancer small talk, Jim asked me what I have learned after going through a year of cancer treatment.

I immediately respond with this self-righteous but truthful statement: “I realize that some times I have much patience and compassion for someone who wants to complain to me about their sore thumb (I pulled this body part of the air to use as an example), and other times it seems so small to me I just want to slap them when they start to complain and say ‘if you only knew'”…

Just then, Jim sheepishly pulls his hand out that was hidden from my sight behind his desk. In clear view he shows me his battered thumb that was bloodied, bruised, and scabbed from a fall he had over the weekend.

One lesson I HAVE NOT LEARNED is when to keep my mouth shut!



  1. Love it! My blog about my yardstick is a similiar example! AND my husband calls me crocodile mouth, because I can’t keep my mouth shut- so this one hits home! Love it.

  2. Denise,

    That is very funny! I needed a good laugh today but I’m sorry it was at your expense! Thanks for the smile and I will remember this lesson once I’m finally done with my treatments.

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