Hello Courage, my new online store


I am proud to introduce “Hello Courage™” my new online store for everyone especially breast cancer patients and survivors!   My goal is to continue to bring realistic awareness about the challenges of breast cancer as I have done with my Blog.  You can log into my store through my blog, at www.hellocourage.com  or click the logo in this post!  It is a secure shop run by Shopify, so no worries and it accepts all major credit cards and PayPal.   Opening special – FREE SHIPPING on all orders to USA and for Blog Readers only:  20% off all purchases – use Discount Code:   BLOG   at checkout.    Currently, I ship internationally to Australia, Canada, Ireland, Mexico, and United Kingdom.

My shop is dedicated to all of you – all of my Blog Readers have given me so much courage and hope!

Designing my own store was a logical transition especially because I spent hours upon hours of research to find items for myself during Mastectomy, Chemo, Radiation and  ongoing Lymphedema.  For years I’ve been an ebay and Amazon seller with 100% positive feedback, so I have had a lot of practice!

The logo came to me in a flash one day as I realized a pink ribbon was only the beginning.  The rest of the journey was about COURAGE.  I have items that have my logo on them – T Shirts, Tote Bags and Note Cards to bring awareness and courage to everyone.   I will be expanding my greeting card line because so often friends and family have no idea what to say to cancer patients.  I now know what cancer patients need to hear!  Also, I have jewelry that everyone will love, cute and different Chemo Caps, Inspirational Items, and some practical items for undergoing breast surgery.

And all kinds of Chemo Caps – here are a few:


I sure hope you like www.hellocourage.com    A portion of all sales go toward donating chemo caps to women who have no means to purchase them.

And a health update – I just had another 3 month checkup by not one but three Oncologists!  This is the benefit of being a patient in a University setting!   All of them said, “You are doing well.”  Praise God!

Love, courage and hope to all,     Denise



  1. WOW Denise!!! I love it!!!� You are so talented.�� Good luck with your new adventure. Love ya, Auntie M

  2. Congratulations on your store! What a great idea. Congratulations on your 3month check too. Fabulous news!!

    Best wishes, Jeanie

    Sent from my iPad

  3. I just ordered 2 tote bags! So excited, they look and sound very functional! I am going out of town next Wednesday and was wondering if I would be receiving them before that date. (July 24, 2013) I would love to take one on vacation!

    Thanks from a Triple Negative Surviver and Thriver!!

    Hugs, gwen

    Sent from my iPad

    • Hi Gwen – THANK YOU SO MUCH! I love these totes. They are perfect. I will send them out to you Priority Mail today from Ohio. You should have them in time. I appreciate your support and business! Keep thriving! xo Denise

  4. Oh My God–Congratulations to a precious women whom has touched so many of us. I can’t wait to shop your site! You go girl–Paying it Forward works out for all of his children. Stay well and continue to share your gifts.

    God Bless Us All,
    Ann K.

  5. Hi Denise, I just had a chance to take a longer look at your “store”. How cleveryou are! You just amaze me with all your talents. I wouldn’t know the first thing about designing a website. It is wonderful. I am so proud and grateful for you. Love, Auntie M


  6. Who hoo!!!!!!! So glad to see your doing well. Your site continues to be “just what I needed”.

    Thank you for this . You’re amazing.

    Fellow survivor in treatment

    Heather in Va:)

    Sent from my iPad

    • Aww, thanks so much Heather. It is all of the women like you who have
      given me the inspiration for “Hello Courage”. Courage has come from all of
      you! Keep being courageous! Denise

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