Turkey Tail Mushroom and Breast Cancer

Remember that supplements can affect chemotherapy and radiation negativelydo not take any supplements without consulting your Oncologist whether you are in the midst of active treatment or have completed treatment!  I was warned by my Oncology Team that even juicing vegetables or vitamins can interfere with chemotherapy and radiation.  My Oncologist made me wait to juice or take supplements until I had completed chemotherapy and radiation.

You can absolutely go crazy trying to find just the right supplement to stop cancer or to stop cancer from recurring.   I learned this 14 years ago when my beloved father was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer.  No traditional methods could help him.  All we had were a bunch of alternative methods like coffee enemas and wheat grass.  We tried.  He died.  So I am a bit of a skeptic when it comes to hocus pocus remedies and breast cancer.  I research things to no end before I’ll invest my money into supplements.  My Oncologist prescribed Calcium and Vitamin D3.  I take those and a good multi vitamin.  But I wanted more.  I wanted to feel like I was doing something.

After I ended active treatment for Stage 3 breast cancer, I went to meet with my  very credentialed Oncologist.  I was eager to tell him about the latest miracle supplement I had been researching.  Before I could get it out of my mouth, he gave me the snake oil lecture, and don’t waste your money, etc.

But I then started hitting him with the facts I had uncovered about Turkey Tail Mushroom.  He listened to me as I told him Turkey Tail is proven that it increases NK cells (natural killer cells).  I told him about the study the National Institute of Health and Bastyr University just completed about Turkey Tail and Breast Cancer.  And the new over $5 million study that had just been approved by the FDA in 2012 for more Breast Cancer research.   http://www.bastyr.edu/news/general-news/2012/11/fda-approves-bastyr-turkey-tail-trial-cancer-patients

He got on the computer right then.  He started reading, and reading and reading.  He then told me he would have one of his researchers look into it.   At my next office visit he did not give me a stand up and applaud endorsement, but he did say, “Go ahead and take the Turkey Tail.”  That was good enough for me!!

I take Turkey Tail Mushroom capsules – the Host Defense brand.  The founder of the Host Defense is, Paul Stamets, a world-renowned mycologist who supplied the mushroom supplements to Bastyr University for the various breast cancer studies involving Turkey Tail.    Please listen to Paul Stamets’ personal story about his mom and her Stage IV Breast Cancer diagnosis and how the breast cancer study found how Turkey Tail works.  The irony of it all will bring you chills.  It is a 3.5 minute video and PLEASE WATCH!!  He can tell you about Turkey Tail like I cannot!

Paul Stamets talks about how Turkey Tail is shown to increase the Natural Killer cells in our body.  Since I’m not a scientist or doctor, I wanted to know more about NK Cells.   I found this great video – kind of like Natural Killer Cells for Dummies.  I found it fascinating as it shows how the NK cells are the first line of defense against cancer and metastases.

Please do your own research on Turkey Tail – there is plenty of it out there in cyberland.  But PLEASE don’t go in the woods and look for them.  The wrong mushroom can kill you!!   I take Turkey Tail supplements every day.  The bottle says take 2 capsules daily with or without food – I take 4 per day.  The cost is about $45 to $49 for 120 capsules. I absolutely believe it has revved up my immune system which is what it is supposed to do.





  1. That is truly amazing!! I bought some today and asked my radiologist about it and she didn’t think it could hurt me so I took 2 capsules tonight. How much are you taking? Thanks so much for looking into all these new treatments. Love and appreciate you, Katie

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    • Katie – I take 2 in the morning and 2 at night. Bastyr University is in Kenmore, WA.
      One of the Seattle gals that is on the ISPY2 Trial is going for traditional treatment and
      going to Bastyr University for complementary treatment. The University of Washington and
      Bastyr University work together quite frequently, fyi.

  2. Hi, am very excited about this new TTM information after reading your post and viewing both videos. Today I sit treatment 6 of 12 taxol (AC already complete) Next Monday is my 1st pre-Radiotherapy consult, assume I will begin those sessions in November, really hoping to be all done by Chrissy or end of 2013. I am in Sdney Australia, do you know if I can source TTM here, and, if I find it, do I need to wait till all my treatments are complete? Suppose I should speak to the Radiotherapy professor and my oncologist as well. Thanks for your, always encouraging blogs Denise 🙂

    • Hi Kelly – you are getting through it! It is so much to handle, but you are doing it!
      Vitacost.com sells Turkey Tail and ships to Australia – I just researched that – probably
      other companies do as well. Kelly, keep up the great work! I would check with your
      Radiotherapy Professor (Radiation Oncologists in the USA) and your Oncologist. I am
      glad you found the information exciting like I did, Kelly! My best, Denise

  3. Did you take turkey tail while on radiation? I’ve been taking since Aug when I started chemo. My oncologist said it was ok to take.

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