Broccoli Sprouts to Prevent Recurrence of Breast Cancer?

So why amgrowing broccoli sprouts in my kitchen and eating 1/2 cup every day?  Trust me, in order for me to do that, there is a lot of evidence that it can help stop breast cancer recurrence or prevent breast cancer and other cancers.  Enough evidence to inspire me to do it.   I’ll explain my new broccoli sprout addiction!

Eating 1 ounce of broccoli sprouts contains 30 to 50 times the cancer-fighting compound,  Sulforaphane, found in mature broccoli.    You get as much in 1 ounce of broccoli sprouts as you would eating 3 pounds of fully grown broccoli.  I like broccoli, but not 3 pounds a day!

The studies below convinced me to grow and eat broccoli sprouts!  I must clarify I am not a doctor, a scientist, or a medical researcher.  But common sense prevailed in my research that convinced me to do this.  There is so much out there, but these studies changed me from an outside flower gardener to an inside broccoli sprout grower!

1)  I first heard about broccoli sprouts at the University of Michigan Breast Care Center where I received breast cancer treatment and now ongoing care.  One of the things I most appreciate about University of Michigan is their research is always ongoing and widespread, and often out of the box of traditional thinking.  And they tell their patients about it! They did this study about broccoli sprouts preventing breast cancer recurrence in 2010:

This article is on the University of Michigan website about their findings:

ANN ARBOR, Mich. — A compound derived from broccoli could help prevent or treat breast cancer by targeting cancer stem cells — the small number of cells that fuel a tumor’s growth — according to a new study from researchers at the University of Michigan Comprehensive Cancer Center.

The study tested sulforaphane, a component of broccoli and broccoli sprouts, in both mice and cell cultures. Researchers found sulforaphane targeted and killed the cancer stem cells and prevented new tumors from growing.
“Sulforaphane has been studied previously for its effects on cancer, but this study shows that its benefit is in inhibiting the breast cancer stem cells. This new insight suggests the potential of sulforaphane or broccoli extract to prevent or treat cancer by targeting the critical cancer stem cells,” says study author Duxin Sun, Ph.D., associate professor of pharmaceutical sciences at the U-M College of Pharmacy and a researcher with the U-M Comprehensive Cancer Center.
I contacted the lead study author for more information.  He sent me about 50 pages of research about testing done with broccoli.  I’ve read most of it, and it is fascinating!
2)  Roswell Park Cancer Institute in Buffalo, New York is currently recruiting, as of September, 2013, for a clinical trial with broccoli sprouts for women with Estrogen Positive Breast Cancer.   This is very exciting news because getting a clinical trial to the public, you need evidence to proceed with all the government standards!
3)   This short less than 2 minute video is definitely worth watching!  It explains how researchers at Johns Hopkins found how quickly eating broccoli sprouts get into breast tissue:
4) Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, one of the top cancer hospitals in the country, has been doing research for years about broccoli and broccoli sprouts.  Here is a fascinating article.
Could there be anything bad about growing broccoli sprouts?  Well, yes there could be.  It is IMPERATIVE that sprout seeds are ORGANIC otherwise bad things like salmonella and E Coli could happen.  And make sure you do some of your own research about this.   If you don’t want to grow broccoli sprouts, many major vitamin and supplement companies sell Broccoli Sprout Extract.
I am refraining from selling these items in my store  because I do not want to give an endorsement to any particular company.  But the research is out there and easy to find.  I wanted to bring Broccoli Sprouts to your attention.


  1. Denise,
    Excellent info!
    Hi, I would like to know how you are growing these. I will send you a private message on I’ve been eating sprouts but would like to grow my own.

    • Growing broccoli spouts can be problematic. You have to have optimum conditions for sprouting, plus worry about growing other molds and bacteria at the same time.. You can purchase freeze dried material, already in capsules or in powder, which work just as effectively as I take them regularly, Not sure whether you can get them in the US, but I’m sure you can..
      You can purchase these in Australia.

  2. Reading your blog has got me started sprouting again! I used to do it sporadically and then I’d forget the sprouts were in the refrigerator and they would get old. Now I put 1/2 cup a day on a plate and eat them as a “vegetable”. So easy, thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Seri – so glad to do this. I took a sprouting week off last week as I
      was so busy. You just inspired me today! Such a great idea
      to just put them on your plate and eat them as a vegetable. I’ve learned to
      like them. I’m going to go start growing for this week right now!
      Thanks! Denise

  3. Hello Christine,
    Can I ask you please what is the weight of that 1/2 cup sprout? I am trying to figure out how much of the sprout one should eat for reducing risk of breast cancer recurrence. Many thanks.

  4. How much of broccoli sprout powder I should use to have the same benefit as eating fresh broccoli sprout for breast cancer patient?

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