Breast Cancer Has Turned Me Into a Bitch

I’ve gotten plenty of emails from breast cancer survivors stating those exact words!    You can blame the steroids all through treatment, but after treatment,  I think the more accurate explanations would be these:

Breast Cancer brought much clarity into my life.

I’m no longer afraid to say what I think.

I do not tolerate or call people friends who only use me for their personal gain.

My anger does not get suppressed any more as I am learning to express it.

I now recognize when others are trying to manipulate me.

My opinions matter, and I’m not afraid to state how I feel.

Add yours:  ___________________________________

When we exhibit these new behaviors, we often think we are a “bitch” because we don’t have a better word to describe it.   For some, these behaviors are totally foreign.

“Who is this person?” you wonder.

You are a new, emotionally healthier version of your former self, that’s who!  Rejoice in it!  Many people never have the opportunity to learn these valuable life lessons!



  1. Yep. That’s me. You can add my name to the list of bitches. I am now more particular about with whom I spend my time. On a positive note, I have some closer relationships in my life. These are people I was close to before, but now even more so. Conversely, I have some people who vanished, and I just don’t make contact.
    I also learned some things about myself. One thing I learned was that I am not a bitch. What I mean by that was that I would get in a disagreement with my sons or husband and I was the bitch, it was sort of a pattern or dynamic we got into. Now, I say NO, you are not drawing me into that drama. That is very good.

  2. I was always one of those people who was too afraid to say what they really think, in case I made someone mad at me. I was a major people-pleaser. Now, I let it fly! I’m not rude about it, but I’m definitely less afraid to let people know what I really think and feel. Also, I laugh a lot more than I used to. 🙂

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