UPDATE: Stage 4 Miracle Breast Cancer Patient

miraclebreastcancerTis the season for miracles and here is one for you from Catherine Jackson, a Stage 4 breast cancer patient.    Many of you read her story and have asked for an update.  The most recent update on Catherine’s miracle story is at the end!  She had her latest PET scan in December, 2014.  If you have not read her miraculous story, you will be encouraged and amazed!

Note from Denise:  Catherine and I became acquainted when she wrote me shortly after an initial diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer in August, 2013.

Catherine commented  on my blog several times while she was undergoing Taxol chemotherapy.  In true “Catherine style” she was giving encouragement to others.  Catherine always amazed me because in spite of her trials, she was always positive and upbeat.   We had no contact since last September, 2013 until April, 2014 when Catherine posted this update on my Blog which absolutely astounded me.  It will you as well!!

cathyjackson3CATHERINE’S STORY:  I was diagnosed in July, 2013 at age 48 with Stage 4 Her 2 Positive (slightly estrogen positive) Breast Cancer metastasized to the bone.  The way they found the cancer in the first place was my hurting back, and I went to a spine doctor.  I was in a wheelchair if I could get up at all.  The x-ray showed a compression fracture on one of my vertebra.   My spinal cord is compressed pretty severely, making my legs very weak. But the pain in the back and hip was what caused me to not be able to move at all.   I was wearing Depends daily, and my husband had to help me onto the toilet. When the doctor  followed up with a  CT scan, they saw the extensive cancer.

My original Radiology Report is something I am going to frame!   The Radiology Report listed the bones that were affected because of the metastasized breast cancer:    The cancer was in two places in my skull, both collar bones, both shoulder blades, both arms, both legs, both hips (they were concerned about a pathologic fracture on the ball joint of my hip so later they did 10 treatments of palliative radiation), both shoulders, every single rib, every single vertebrae from my neck to my butt, and the ischia (butt bones).

Months later, my husband and I read my Medical Chart as we were curious what was in there about the initial diagnosis.   I knew it was “really, really bad” but I knew I had to remain hopeful.  In my chart, there were comments by my Oncologist like this:  “Catherine is very aware of the grim prognosis.” and “Catherine has been told to get her affairs in order.”  The one that really got me was it was written that my life expectancy was 3 months, but the medical team’s goal was to get me to live 6 months through Christmas because of my two girls (ages 9 and 15 at the time). It was very unnerving to see it in black and white.

Since the doctors did not expect me to live, they were not overly aggressive in my treatment.  I did NOT have a mastectomy because they didn’t want to put me through that when I wasn’t going to be around very long. They did a lumpectomy to remove the 2 cm tumor which gave me a huge seroma.  I also had two lymph nodes removed.  The serona had to be drained every month! It was a pain! I read online that if you massaged it, it might go away. Well, I massaged it alright and that night I developed a fever and my breast looked like a red watermelon! I went to my breast surgeon and he drained it again and put me on antibiotics. I had that stupid fever for 2 weeks. And then it went away and my seroma went away, too!

I only had Taxol Chemotherapy (no Adriamycin/Cytoxan) along with Herceptin because I was totally on palliative care.  My Oncologist told me from the get go that it would be 8 to 12 Taxol treatments.  Later, I found out it was suppose to be 12 treatments,  but he didn’t think I’d make it through all of them.  He thought I would either die first or my blood counts would get too low because my bones were so eaten up that they would never be able to produce marrow to make blood cells.   Taxol and Herceptin started in July, 2013. I was able to finish all 12 Taxol infusions in November, 2013.  My red blood counts were low normal when I started chemo but my white counts were low. The Oncologist said it was because my bones had nothing to give. At the end of chemo everything was slightly low including hemoglobin.  My Oncologist said the blood counts would always stay low because my bones were so eaten away by cancer.

In addition to Taxol and Herceptin, my Oncologist put me on Perjeta, Zoladex, Xgeva and Tamoxifen.    I had a PET scan after chemo was finished, and it showed some slight improvement. I was feeling quite a bit better, and my Oncologist was thrilled as I had already outlived my life expectancy.  He told me that I would have to wait four more months for my next scan.

Upon diagnosis, I immediately cut all sugar from my diet, and my husband started me on vegetable juicing.  My Oncologist is absolutely amazing and is so forward thinking in traditional medicines, however,  not when it comes to natural remedies. Most Oncologists are not into natural remedies.

But I read Denise’s blog post about the Host Defense Turkey Tail Mushroom and the clinical trials that were going on and knew from her Oncologist’s comments to her that it couldn’t hurt, so I took it.   https://denise4health.wordpress.com/2013/09/09/turkey-tail-mushroom-trametes-versicolor-and-breast-cancer/  I kept reading and researching and finding different things that seemed like a good thing. I would research until finding someone whose oncologist would tell them it was ok to take that with conventional treatment, then I would add it to my protocol. I knew I had nothing to lose because of my grim diagnosis, so anything that had some proven merit was worth a try.

After Chemo in November, 2013, I decided to go on the supplement of ellagic acid, which is raspberry seed powder. I consulted with Jim Webb who did research at the Hollings Cancer Clinic in South Carolina along with an oncologist.  They had really good results with ellagic acid.   It tastes nasty.  But within a month, I could see and feel the difference in a big way.

By Christmas,  I was no longer having to ride the electric wheelchairs at Walmart or the grocery store. I still leaned heavily on the shopping carts that I pushed, but I could do it. I could once again walk into the store from the parking lot instead of having to be let off at the front door. I was even able to take my daughters Christmas shopping for 3 hours! I was exhausted and sore when it was over, but I did it!  I just continued to feel better and better. I still had quite a bit of back pain, but I could walk!

By the beginning of January, 2014 my blood work was normal!! That’s about the time my Oncologist started jumping up and down. By March, in his continued enthusiasm about my progress,  he was yelling, “You should have been dead by now!”

I had my last PET scan on March 27,2014.  On March 31, 2014  I got the results. My Oncologist was late and when he came into the exam room.  When he arrived, he said, “I’m sorry I am late, Catherine, but I was with a patient who is obviously sicker than you are.” That made me smile!   He went over the PET Scan results.  The radiologist said there were “no significant hypermetabolism” which is radiology talk for NO LIVE CANCER. The slight discolorations on the bones that we could see on the PET scan pictures were where the cancer had been and now was all dead!  My blood counts had returned to NORMAL!  My Oncologist was beyond amazed.
So remember that spine doctor and the compression fracture of the vertebra that started all of this?  On April 14, 2014, I went back to see him. He said if I were to fall off a bridge, the one bone that would not break would be the vertebra that fractured. He said the bone has grown back thick and dense. Yes, I still have a spinal cord compression but I can relieve a lot of the weakness in my legs through physical therapy. He said it’s all good.
And it is!!
Catherine is kind enough to provide her email address:   cathytooleyjackson@gmail.com
LATEST UPDATE:  December 9, 2014  – Denise:  My PET scan and blood work were this past Thursday. Would you believe that they had the radiologist’s report for the PET and the blood work on the Patient Portal within 2 hours of my PET? Amazing. It was a very short report. 🙂 NO CANCER DETECTED. NO HYPERMETABOLIC ACTIVITY NOTED. Nothing. Nada. He did say he still saw the scars on the bones from when there was cancer, but those will probably always be there.
I went to see my oncologist today. He just smiled, shook his head and asked me if I’d be willing to keep the port in until my next PET scan in 6 months. He also gave me the “You know this could come back, right?” speech. I assured him I know the drill but it’s not something I dwell on at all. He said to keep doing what I’m doing, come in once a month for port flushes, and he would see me next summer.
Thank you all so much for your prayers! 🙂   Catherine Jackson
Catherine bought chemo caps from me.  That is how we met.  She still raves about them and how they helped her feel better.  Big sale going on now!  http://www.hellocourage.com
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  1. What an amazing lesson. What a miracle! May God continue to lead you through your life journey. And keep up the healthy eating – wow!

  2. Thankyou very much for sharing this wonderful story, it will inspire and resolute many to push on. With the reach of your blog, would you help detail Catherine’s protocol and how it came about to its final shape? It must be greatly helpful to others as a reference, something they can think about or discuss with their carer or doctors.

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