Do you feel like a Survivor? A poll for cancer survivors!

That “Survivor” word gets tossed around a lot to those of us who are post-cancer treatment.  Do you feel like a Survivor?  Simple question, but for some, not an easy answer.  One gal wrote me and said she fights with that word “Survivor.”  I did not begin to feel like a Survivor until recently when two years after cancer treatment, I am getting more energy back.  The battle wounds remain, but having more energy helps me feel like I am a Survivor.

Please tell me how you relate to being a “SURVIVOR.”    Thanks!






  1. I don’t feel like a survivor yet. Only 5 months post chemo, 3 months post radiation. Still afraid that every ache,pain or headache means the cancer is back. I am physically getting stronger but emotionally I am still very weak. I look in the mirror and still don’t see that strong, i can do anything gal looking back at me. When will she return?

    • Diane – The strong, I can do anything gal will return. For me, it has taken 2 years and 3 months
      post chemo to finally start feeling that physical and emotional strength again. Not my old self,
      but enough of my old self, that I recognize her. Only she is even stronger now in new ways. It shocked me as I never thought I would have this much energy ever again. It came as a gift
      unexpectedly. But it takes much time and healing.
      The fears of ache, pain or headache don’t go away, but you learn coping skills to co-exist with it.
      Congratulations for having active treatment behind you, Diane. I promise it will get better, but not

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