UPDATE: Stage 4 Miracle Breast Cancer Patient

An update on Catherine Jackson, Stage 4 Miracle Breast Cancer Patient

miraclebreastcancerTis the season for miracles and here is one for you from Catherine Jackson, a Stage 4 breast cancer patient.    Many of you read her story and have asked for an update.  The most recent update on Catherine’s miracle story is at the end!  She had her latest PET scan in December, 2014.  If you have not read her miraculous story, you will be encouraged and amazed!

Note from Denise:  Catherine and I became acquainted when she wrote me shortly after an initial diagnosis of Stage 4 breast cancer in August, 2013.

Catherine commented  on my blog several times while she was undergoing Taxol chemotherapy.  In true “Catherine style” she was giving encouragement to others.  Catherine always amazed me because in spite of her trials, she was always positive and upbeat.   We had no contact since last September, 2013 until April, 2014 when Catherine posted this update on my Blog which absolutely astounded me.  It will you as…

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  1. Hi Denise my name is Carol and just waiting on my results from mammo and ultrasound because I had a lump and doctor told me it’s 3cm so I’m still waiting till Thursday but it’s killing me not knowing what to do and I’m 40yrs old with 4 kids…I’m really scared to death and I don’t know what to do but reading all this is giving me courage to get my results because I was thinking not to go and get it from just being too scared to know what they are going to tell me and so so scared

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