Honoring Alma Sanchez on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day – March 3, 2015

Alma-Daughter (2)Sadly, Alma Sanchez passed away from Triple Negative Breast Cancer in 2016.  Alma lives in my heart and especially in the hearts of the husband, daughter, mother and family she left behind.  Hello Courage and denise4health honor Alma Sanchez on Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day on March 3, 2015.  Alma wrote her story on my Blog for 2014 Triple Negative Breast Cancer Day.  Her story, a young mom only in her 30s with triple negative cancer went viral.  Then Alma received the devastating news, a few months after her blog post, that she now has Stage IV Triple Negative Breast Cancer with metastases to her lung.


Alma is the most courageous woman I know, and I have been fortunate to meet plenty of them – so many of you are beyond courageous!   But Alma stands out – her faith, her courage, and the fact that even with her first go round with cancer, she had to fly from her city in Mexico to Houston for surgery and other medical visits.

When Alma was diagnosed as Stage IV, she was in a chemo-based with experimental drug Clinical Trial in Houston– she and her husband flying back and forth once again so she could be with their small daughter, sometimes so sick she didn’t know until minutes before if she could board the plane.   Alma would leave the hospital chemo chair and go to the airport.  Alma’s cancer had progression during the Clinical Trial in Houston.  These flights are outrageously expensive.  Plus, because she is going between countries, her insurance often does not pay for coverage which results in staggering medical bills.

Alma is awaiting confirmation for a Clinical Trial in Los Angeles because Alma and her husband NEVER GIVE UP and are amazing, courageous, and inspiring people!     Alma is a woman of great faith.  Alma’s faith and courage shine through.  I literally just got this message from Alma while I was writing this, so you can see for yourself!!

From Alma –

“Hi my friend! I’m right now traveling back to LA! They still don’t have official confirmation from Genentech (the company behind the Clinical Trial) but they told me I don’t have anything that could exclude me, and they scheduled me for tomorrow to receive treatment. They think they’ll get confirmation today. We are taking a leap of faith, and we are now flying through 2 airports in Mexico and 2 airports in the USA to get to Los Angeles. Pray for me, dear friend, that I can receive treatment tomorrow…and that it works for me…not only because of me, but for the millions of women who today need a better treatment than chemotherapy . Trusting God, we start this new journey.”

Please say a prayer for Alma and her family as this next round of Clinical Trial challenges begins.  The Clinical Trial that Alma will be participating is an immunotherapy clinical trial which hopefully will prove to be a major breakthrough in Triple Negative Breast Cancer and many other cancers.   This video does a fabulous job of describing how it works!  Thank you, Alma, from all of your breast cancer sisters, past, present and future.




  1. I enjoyed reading this post. I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer last summer, at age 62. I had a bilateral mastectomy, then started chemo. I had the a/c combo and then taxol, then radiation. I¹m now 10 weeks out from chemo and 3 weeks out from radiation. I started physical therapy (the STARR program) 4 weeks ago. I think I turned a corner last week, and am finally starting to feel a little better. Your posts have been informative and encouraging. Thank you!

    • Kathy, thanks for writing. Glad you have so much behind you!
      It is one long haul! Physical therapy is very helpful (at least
      I found it to be so!). I am glad you are as well.
      Thanks so much for your kind words. My best for your continuing to
      feel better! Denise

  2. Praying for Alma…I hope she was able to have the treatment that day (or before now.)

    I saw your link on breastcancer.org and have been reading here and there. I love your blog and all it’s information! Thank you SO much for all you have put together. I’m a Stage III too (doing neoadjunct chemo right now.)

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