Reflecting on Being a Five-Year Cancer Survivor

alivefor5It is a big deal to survive cancer for five years from the date of your diagnosis.  My five-years since diagnosis is within the next week!   Five years gives you no future guarantees of some great cancer-free existence, but it is definitely a huge milestone.  As I fought my way through the rigors of cancer treatment, it seemed impossible to me that I could make it to that five-year mark.  If I had to put a percentage on it, I gave myself less than a 20% chance that I would be here in five years.

Five years (or 1,875 days) is truly unbelievable to me!   Certainly  answered prayers that I didn’t even have the courage to pray.  My prayers for myself during the past five years would always be, “God help me.”  Being a person of faith who practices that faith as a Roman Catholic, I always thought I was a prayerful person.  But cancer has taught me that no longer do I rattle off a grocery list of “Do this for me God” prayers for myself, but that simple prayer, “God help me” contains it all and takes care of my needs.

The miracles I have lived and witnessed during these five years is beyond my comprehension.  The lessons I have learned are amazing to me.  Most importantly, the people who have crossed my path in these five years from my Blog and my online store, have been the most transformational for me.  Not to mention my family and friends who have always been there for me.

Thank you, my readers and customers, for giving me strength and courage to keep going and make it to this five-year mark!   You have been a huge part of God’s answer to my prayer, “God help me.”  He sent all of you!

My next two blog posts will be a summary of the lessons I learned along the way.  Most of my readers are newly diagnosed or are in their first two years after cancer.  I’m hoping my five-year survival brings hope to all of you!











  1. First CONGRATS girl. Surviving five years is one of the biggest hurdles we look forward to as a BC Survivor. My five year date will be almost exactly one year after yours with again almost exactly the same tumor statistics.

    Thank you so much for your blog you continue to keep me encouraged and your updates are still looked forward to. I wish you, your sister and mother the best of everything in the future

    Mary R

    • Hi Mary, SO NICE to hear from you again! Oh, congratulations on FOUR YEARS. It seems impossible, doesn’t it?
      So happy for you, for me and all of the survivors!
      Thanks, too, for your kind words! I appreciate them so! My sister is having a double mastectomy
      and DIEP flap the end of October…sending all the best! Denise

  2. Denise: Congratulations. A celebration is required. Take your day and pamper yourself knowing that you have earned it. Everyone fights in a different way and some win and some do not. So celebrate your victory and take a moment to toast the women who have taken this journey before you and those who are yet to take it. Mary

  3. Congratulations, Denise! Rest, relax, pamper – a good book, old movies, hot tea and a blanket. I know I join many, many people who have been encouraged and helped by your writing in sending good wishes. I’m right behind you, and it’s hard to believe that it has been 4 years since I found your blog. I’ll never forget how it uplifted my spirits. All the best to you!

  4. Congratulations! I just completed my chemotherapy treatment for Stage 3 Colon Cancer at the age of 25. Waiting for my first follow up scan. Hope I have many more decades to go ^^

    • OHMYGOSH, so very sorry for what you have to go through at your young age!
      Yes, you have many more decades to go!! Sending all my best to you!
      And so glad chemo is over. Praying for those clear scans for you!!!! Denise

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