Hello, I have over 200 blog posts to help you on your Breast Cancer Journey.   I was diagnosed with Stage 3 Triple Positive Breast Cancer and had a Mastectomy, 5 months of Chemotherapy, Herceptin, 33 radiation treatments, and anti-estrogen drugs.  Plus, I had a heart attack in the middle of it because of chemo.   I am now Cancer Free!  I live with the realities of Lymphedema as I had 14 lymph nodes removed.

In addition, in the 3-year period, my mom was diagnosed with Stage 1 Breast Cancer.  Then my only sibling, my sister and best friend, was diagnosed with Stage 3 Breast Cancer.  It has been so painful to watch.

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  1. I was just diagnosed with stage 3 inoperable breast cancer. I have to have chemo first and am scared to death of it. My dad had lung cancer and he barely made it through one treatment. I am seeing the oncologist first and your chemo blogs helped me make a list of questions. Thank you.

    • I will be having #3 of 4 AC chemo treatments in 9 days. AND, boy, have I whined….. Reading this blog is the best! It is exactly what I am going thru…and I have learned some things even though I researched this well at the start…. I am a recurrent breast cancer patient…first time was barely a stage I and this time it is very diff….as those w this AC chemo treatment know…..thank you so much…. I do cry and say it is not fair…I did this once….but you showed me that it is ok and that I am just in the same crappy boat as many others. I worry a lot that I will go thru all of this and still have cancer….reading your blog gives me encouragement…thanks….

  2. Thank you for giving such beautiful guidance. My mom has just been diagnosed with breast cancer. I needed to step outside my selfish daughter responses and I can not thank you enough. I have not finished reading everything on your blog but the first part has already helped so again thank you.

    • Clayton – I am so glad to be of assistance. Your comments are much appreciated.
      I know you will be a huge support to your mom because you care enough to read about
      what she will have to endure. She will do well.
      The best advice I can give to daughters — let her feel her feelings. Some days
      she may feel like dying. That is NORMAL. I cannot stress that enough. The family
      gets so worried when this happens. But it is true — I remember telling my niece
      I wanted to die. Everyone else said, “Don’t say that” and yelled at me. It made me
      feel bad.
      My niece said, “Of course you feel that way. Look what you are going through. It’s okay.”
      That was the BEST thing anyone ever said to me. From that day forward, I wanted to fight
      and live!
      My best to your mom and you! Denise

  3. Hello Denise,
    I am so glad I stumbled upon your blog. I now know I am not alone with the feelings I am going through now. Here is a link to my blog. I wanted to start one to maybe help others going through the same thing. I am def not a writer so please excuse all the typos as I did my posts trying to see through tears.

    • Lacie – good for you for writing about your journey while blogging
      to help others! Great job! You will make it through treatment, but
      it is one tough road. Things get better and better, but it takes much
      time! Thanks for checking in, sending you a hug, and I will read your Blog!
      My best, Denise

      • Thank you! Sorry for the late reply. Things have been crazy around my way. I just read your post on Catherine. Oh my word. Drs pay all this money to get educated and give prognosis that are not good and eat their words when people show them different.

        Loved her story.

  4. Hi my name is Linda, my journey started three weeks ago when I started having pain in my right breast, this went on for a week,I woke one morning and thought I’ll ring the doctor today, I came down to an envelope on the mat inviting me for breast screening, a date and time so was given so I thought oh I’ll just go to that. I am 53yrs old and have gone through the menopause, I’m on a high dose of HRT and I’ve had a cyst in the past. I lost my sister to breast cancer 13yrs ago, she was 42yrs old, I went through the whole journey with her till she past away with all her family present. I went for the mammogram last Friday and having found a small lump by this time I tried to explain to the radiologist the pain I was experiencing, I called it a stinging pain. She did the mammogram and told me she would put a letter in the post for me to come back in two weeks and see a consultant and be given a scan and full MOT. She gave nothing away. On finding your blog I spotted the discription of the pain I am suffering, Bee Sting, I told my husband that’s exactly what it feels like and having been stung when I was young I knew instantly that this is the best discription. I am playing the waiting game now. I’m not frightened, I just want to know. I thank all of you for sharing. I’ll update when I find out my results. God bless.

    • Hi Linda, I am so glad you are being checked further. It is my passion to tell women
      that breast pain CAN be cancer. Most of the time it isn’t, but it CAN be. And it is
      fascinating that so many women find me because they do a Google search on “bee sting pain
      in breast”. So we are all definitely not imaging it!
      I’ve heard from woman who found out the did have breast cancer, but also from many others
      that they did not. I certainly hope and pray you DO NOT, but so grateful you are having
      more testing.
      Prayers are with you — please come back and share when you get your results! Denise

  5. Hi Denise, thank you for your reply, I have just recieved a letter for an appointment on Thursday 30th Oct to have a scan and see a consultant. I’ll update then.

  6. Hi Denise,

    I am happy to have found your blog : ) I am 64 yrs. and my Dx was IDC Stage III C…some lymph node involvement July of last year.
    I may comment….muse at times. I have just completed a year of treatment. Overall I have discovered this past year that not many really want to “talk” about it. Many days I felt sad…because I wanted to talk about it. I just have made it through most days, talking to myself. I did join a “support group” but found most of the gals were a number of years past their experience and have moved on, if you will, mostly the comments I recvd were ” it will get better, just takes time:” : /

    My hubby will listen, but well, doesnt have much to say. He himself has gone through the cancer journey just before me ! He was at his 4 yr. annv. when I was diagnosed.
    It was hard on me…knowing oh no…I had an idea what was ahead.

    His cancer was head/neck…tonsil, a bit on his tongue and a few lymph nodes. He had chemo and rads concurrently for 7 wks. and was done.
    6 mos. later he had a neck dissection done. He had a PEG tube for 14mos. couldnt physically eat. It was a hard time. Thankfully he is alive and has recovered pretty well. Eating is difficult, but he can eat.
    Salivary glands are totally damaged…mouth/dental health will be a constant issue.

    SO with all that ….I now was hit with my own health…the Lord has been my strength..I have had chemo ( Adriamycin,Cytoxan.Taxol) ,Neulasta, lumpectomy,sentinal node biopsy, rads, Herceptin and recently began Arimidex. The benedryl ….well in all of this I have to say wow…my head floated away each infusion ! ha ha….I pretty much just smiled/laughed and spent that day resting and letting it wear off !

    I have strong neuropathy in my fingers,feet/toes and my taste is still very out of whack….many a day I just don’t want to eat, no joy in it. I feel like I am just really beginning to learn how to cope with these and work at recouping. I do not work. So my time is my own. Hubby as well…home w/ me. That is another thing I have been thankful for…he is a “good egg” and has taken care of what I was unable to do.
    The neuropathy especially in my feet makes me feel unsafe to drive, so that is a big deal…I have tried driving short distances from home…but truly I can hardly feel the pedals…so I don’t think it is wise for me to drive.
    Thanks for listening.

    • Hi Cindy, both you and your husband have been through so much. I am so sorry.
      It is such a long, tough road. And one of the hardest things is finding someone
      who will listen – like you said, there is so much to say and be heard about because
      it is just so awful! That’s why I had to write a Blog so someone would listen!
      I am glad you found my Blog because the toughest part is after the treatment is over.
      So sorry to hear about your neuropathy as well.
      As some of your support sisters have said, it will get better and it does take time.
      BUT, in the meantime while you are waiting to get better, you need people to listen to you!
      Sending my best wishes to you and your husband, Denise

  7. Denise, I am starting chemo in a week and was looking for pain after portal placement and came across your blog. I am going to check it out further and want to thank you for your blog as I found exactly what I needed.

  8. Just finished first round of AC yesterday. Diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer in September. I really wanted to find real experiences of woman who have gone through this, not just the medical facts and suggestions. It’s the emotional part of this journey that I am struggling with. The facts and diagnosis and treatment are clear cut. Thank you!

  9. 2 time breast cancer survivor. Best advice I can give is one day at a time. There are times when it is just too much to comprehend and deal with. You will get thru it although there will be days when you wonder.

  10. Looking forward to reading your blog. I’ve been getting treatment for triple negative invasive ductal carcinoma in my right breast. I had 4 cycles of TAC. Nevr had nausea, etc…great drugs! But lots of bad fatigue im still fighting, dehydration, NO appetite…list 25 pounds, 2 hospitalizations.. Was supposed to have 6 cycles, but because of side effects stopped at 4. Stopping did something to me emotionally. I was so glad not to have to go through it 2 more times, but was ready to. I had put off thinking about radiation and then all of sudden was facing 6 weeks of radiation. Today was day 7 of 30. I don’t know why I’ve been so anxious about it. Every time I got on the table I felt like crying, but prayed myself through it. Also remembered a friend gave me bottle of DeStress aroma therapy oil. I put that on right before I go and it has been better.
    I decided against wigs and scarves and going bald is beautiful. I realized I can’t see myself, so it’s not bothering me and I really forget about it when I’m out. Last chemo was January 19, so I’m starting to see some fuzz. Hoping it comes back curly! I continue my fighting like a girl. Much family and church family support! And have had so many blessings! God is in control!

    • Hi Mary Ann, thanks for writing. I am so sorry you are having such a bad time! You are not alone!
      I am glad you are also into #7 rads. Nobody tells you that radiation is a very emotional time~!
      My sister and I cried the most during rads! It is lonely and nobody thinks it is a big deal! IT IS!!

      Sending all my best to you. IT WILL GET BETTER! Denise

  11. When I read your blog about rads, you described the feeling exactly! Thank you so much! I usually just go by myself which is different from chemo. I always had one of my son’s with me to keep me company. However, there is comfort in the group of ladies waiting each day in the waiting room. We quickly build a bond over our common situations.

  12. I am so happy to run across your blog as I was doing a little research on Claritin helping with the side effects of Letrozole. I was diagnosed 10/7/14 – Stage 3, 100 %
    ER+/PR+ with 20 of 30 lymph nodes positive. I had a double mastectomy, chemo and 33 radiation treatments. I have been on Letrozole since 2015 and the side effects have been disabling. I just ran across some posts on using Claritin and for the first time, I see hope in dealing with this incredible pain. Love your blog!!

    • Hi Barbara – you have had a long road as well. Side effects can be so bad on the Aromatase Inhibitor drugs
      Femara, Letrozole, Arimidex, Anastrozole. I understand…I could barely walk for the first year! My sister is
      also on them and she has hardly no pain. Everyone is so different. Sending my best to you! Let me know if Claritin works!

  13. Any advice for the hormone negative and Her2 positive BC person. Dx in Dec 2017 with a 1.1 cm and 1.2 cm in same breast. IDC. Pet/CT and MRI breast showed no lymph node involvement. SO said wait for SNB to determine node involvement. Im scheduled for a BMX and SNB with port. Taxol 1x wk for 12 wks and Herceptin 1xwk for 1 year. Her2 pisitive is so aggressive. Do you have any additional information you could provide

    • One of my friends that I met through my blog had same diagnosis as you did.
      She is now 5 years out and doing well. Her2 positive is so scary. But Herceptin
      and Perjeta are miraculous drugs! I’m 6 years out – Her 2 Positive – and was only
      able to have 3 months of Herceptin. All my best! You can do this!

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