Two weeks off from Cancer Treatment

For the first time in 7 months, I have two weeks off from any and all cancer treatments.    When I went to receive my Herceptin infusion this past week, my Oncologist told me I could not receive it because my last ECHO Test showed damage to my heart.  He and the Cardiologist believe it may be temporary and reverse itself, but all drugs are halted for now.  I will get another ECHO in 3 weeks to see my progress.

I wasn’t sure how to feel, but joyful is a good place to start.   This is the first rest I have had, and I must say it feels amazing..  Today I realized that I have been feeling about 10 to 50% alive on any given day.  Today that raised to 75% alive.  I was actually able to stop at a grocery store at 7 pm at night!  This is a miracle for me who has only been able to go to the grocery store 5 times in 5 months and that had to be early in the morning!

My body needs rest and recuperation, short walks and gentle breezes before Radiation begins in 2 weeks and hopefully Herceptin continues.  I will listen closely to my body and do what my body tells me

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